Welcome to Sree Vani Printers.. We are into Single and Multicolor Offset Printing.. We are located at the heart of City of Destiny, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.. Sree Vani Printers is a Sole Proprietary Concern and KLN Murthy is the Proprietor.. He is a Mechanical Engineer and an Associate Cost and Management Accountant..

We cater to all Print Requirements that can be done on Paper or Paper Boards.. Though everything is Commercial Printing, we have classified the entire Print Requirements into four categories namely Commercial Printing, Book Publishing & Printing, Calendar & Events' Printing and Digital Printing.. You can get a wholesome idea about the same in this website..

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Since March 2014, we have forayed into the ever-exciting world of Magazine Publishing.. We started off with a Magazine for Children in Telugu Language.. Sree Vani Paluku is the name and this is a children magazine aimed at imparting morals, creating social awareness, facilitating creative thought & above all cultivating patriotism expressed in an Educatively Entertaining fashion.. You can download free copies or subscribe to the magazine or buy some or donate or advertise in the separate section in this website.. Please click on Sree Vani Paluku anywhere on the page..

Also we have dedicated a special section in this website for our Customers wherein they can sell their books or writings.. This is exclusive to our customers..

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